Ajit Dad’s meeting in Baramati is never a matter of urgency for the officials. Ajit Pawar has always given freedom to the administrative officers in Baramati. Sometimes some officials take advantage of it. Ajit Dada’s administrative emphasis is on giving more freedom to the officers as much as possible in his work and this is known to many officers who have worked under his leadership all over Maharashtra during his tenure. However, it is understood from reliable sources that Ajit Pawar expressed his displeasure over the health issue as the number of patients in the second wave of corona increased to five-six in Saturday’s meeting and there were reactions from various quarters regarding the health department.

Ajit Pawar has been working tremendously since he took over as Deputy Chief Minister. Even with this work, he is giving at least one day a week for Baramati. They have been inspecting the development works since early morning and checking their quality. Even today (17th), as usual, Ajit Pawar inspected the work of the new bus stand at Baramati at 6 o’clock in the morning. At this time, he took information of the works and gave instructions to the concerned to maintain the quality. After this, he also inspected other works.

Corona’s time as well as ERV’s also require medical permission, which involves a great deal of mental anguish. It is understood that such complaints have also been made by private doctors in and around Baramati. It is understood that the outbreak was sparked by political officials saying that local and senior officials in the health sector were also harassed under the administrative name during the Corona era.

After that, as usual, Ajit Pawar met the citizens and reviewed the condition of the corona. Administrative officers and NCP office bearers were present at the meeting during the review. It was during this meeting that Ajit Pawar expressed his displeasure over the health issue and asked the health officials and expressed his displeasure. He also instructed the authorities to ensure that there is no shortage of health care for the citizens of the taluka and the city, sources said.

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