Dhananjay Munde

Dhananjay Munde started his birthday by visiting Gopinath Fort and visiting the memorial of Gopinath Munde. At the same time, she visited the memorial of Pandit Anna Munde and offered flowers. Activists had gathered in Parli to wish Dhananjay Munde a happy birthday. At the time, Munde expressed his feelings while speaking at the Jagmitra office. (Dhananjay munde speech on his birthday, sharad pawar and ajit pawar give me opposition leader seat)

I will never forget the fact that Sharad Pawar gave me the post of Leader of the Opposition at a time when people were swearing at me, said Dhananjay Munde. I never did politics from the heart, only socialization. But now I say in front of everyone that I will do politics from the heart from today, Dhananjay Munde has said.

Meanwhile, a colleague who never left my side during the previous conflict. “I have a place in my heart for all the activists who got me into trouble for supporting me,” he said, thanking the activists gathered at Gopinath fort.

I stand today in sociology and politics. In it, the unprecedented love and blessings I have received from the people is my secret. My dream is to have a MIDC starting in Sirsala and I will bring as many industries as I want in the country in the near future. I will die but I will not let your faith be shattered, he also promised this time.

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