Farmers continue to oppose MSRDC’s ring road! Meeting between officials and farmers! Warning to stop if ring road is imposed!

Uruli Kanchan: Farmers from Koregaon Mool, Valti, Shindwane, Peth and surrounding villages in East Haveli have strongly opposed the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC) ring road. The farmers of East Haveli also warned that if the proposed ring road passes through the farmers’ fields, the Pune-Solapur highway will be blocked.

A dialogue meeting was organized between Koregaon Mool and Shindwane (Tal. Haveli) between the project affected farmers and the administrative officer on Sunday (Tal. 13). Sachin Barwakar, Sub-Divisional Officer, Haveli, Sandeep Patil, Engineer, MSRDC, Tripti Kolte, Tehsildar, Haveli, Vijay Kumar Chobe, Upper Tehsildar and Deepak Chavan, District Magistrate were present on the occasion. In this meeting, the farmers of East Haveli took an aggressive stand against MSRDC’s ring road.

The administrative officer informed the farmers about the ring road and the process of land acquisition. At this time, the problems of the farmers who were protesting against the ring road were resolved. Also, the Road Development Corporation has decided to complete the land acquisition work in East Haveli by Diwali. However, some farmers strongly opposed the Ring Road as the administration did not trust the farmers and registered the change.

Giving more information about this, Barwakar said that farmers should cooperate in the process of land acquisition of ring road of MSRDC. Farmers who oppose the land acquisition process will be paid four times the redireckoner. Sachin Barwakar, sub-divisional officer of the mansion, said that the farmers who do not protest will be compensated five times.

Meanwhile, the 103 km long ring road of MSRDC will pass through 825 hectares of land from East Haveli. But, from the former mansion, the P.M.R.D.A. And two such ring roads have been proposed on behalf of the Public Works Department. This third ring road will not be needed if both the roads are started. Some of the farmers expressed their views while speaking in the discussion.

Peth Sarpanch Suraj Chaudhary, Shindwane village former Sarpanch Anna Mahadik, Janardan Kunjir, Prabhakar Chaudhary, Gokul Kunjir, Sandeep Kankate, Maruti Chaudhary, Peth Sarpanch Suraj Chaudhary, Koregaon native Sarpanch Vitthal Shitole, Deputy Sarpanch Manisha Kad, Ashok Inam Shitole, Vitthal Kolte, Bhanudas Jethe, Raghunath Chaudhary, Police Patil Varsha Kad, Dattatraya Chaudhary and farmers were present in large numbers.

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