Due to the honesty of the workers of Sonai Cattle Feed Company in Indapur taluka, a woman farmer got back her two and a half weights of gold jewelery as it was.

Farmers of Indapur taluka buy maize every day in front of Sonai Animal Feed Company. This maize is used for animal feed. For this, farmers from Indapur taluka and surrounding talukas also bring their produced maize. About 100 to 200 tonnes of maize is procured every day.

When Mandhare contacted Sonai’s animal feed center, Mangesh Kate and Sachin Mane from the center had found the jewelery, which Kate and Mane had earlier informed the company administration. Therefore, after the central officials said that the jewelery was safe, Mandhare’s mother came to life. Mangesh Kate and Mane then called Santosh Mandhare and his mother and returned the jewelery. Santosh Mandhare and his mother also thanked the management of Sonai Animal Feed Company and all the workers for their honesty. Kishor Mane, Director of Sonai, appreciated the honesty of the workers of the company as it enhanced the company’s reputation.

Santosh Mandhare from Reda in Indapur taluka brought maize produced in his field for sale at this shopping center. The maize brought by Mandhare on Saturday (Thu. 29) was purchased at the shopping center. He was then paid. But on Sunday night, Santosh Mandhare’s mother suddenly noticed something and the sand slipped under her feet. When Santosh Mandhare asked his mother why she was unwell, it was revealed that she had kept two and a half ounces of gold jewelery in a bag of maize in her house for fear of burglary as her mother was currently involved in the theft. Tears welled up in her mother’s eyes as she realized that her gold ornaments were gone now that the sack of corn had been sold.

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