Vasundhara Abhiyan

In my Vasundhara Abhiyan, Baramati Municipal Council is in the top ten!

Baramati: In my Vasundhara Abhiyan started from October 2020 by the Department of Environment and Climate Change of the State Government, Baramati Municipal Council has secured a place in the top 10 in the category of Municipal Council.

My Vasundhara Abhiyan was implemented across the state in two phases from October 2020 to February 2021 and from March 1 to April 15, 2021. My desktop assessment of the work done under the Vasundhara Abhiyan was done by a third party appointed by the state government.

Due to the restrictions imposed by the Corona epidemic, it was not possible to directly inspect the work done during the campaign period. Therefore, a three-member committee appointed by the government made the final assessment of the work by observing the online presentations of the first ten cities in an audio-visual manner as well as surveying them through video tours.

12,300 trees were planted under the earth principle. 7 thousand 480 species of trees were planted in it. Aerodynamically tested air samples from a total of nine places between January and March. The air quality index of Baramati city falls between 54 and 65, which is in the middle air quality group.

Roads in the city have been greened on both sides. A bicycle rally was organized in the city to create awareness about the pollution caused by the use of petroleum based fuels. Under the water principle, two storage ponds of 355 million liters and 128 million liters are functioning and the work of the third storage pond with a capacity of 165 million liters is in progress. In addition, 11.5 million liters per day capacity wastewater treatment plant is in operation in the city and 3 wastewater treatment plants are proposed.

The Citizen Voice Survey was conducted in collaboration with Anekant Management College to spread the word about the campaign and to get the maximum number of citizens to take green oath. All the malls, government, semi-government, as well as private establishments, trade federations and various schools and colleges in the city of Baramati were given the green oath by the Municipal Council through the Municipal Council.

Under the principle of Agni, 60 KW capacity solar panels have been installed at the Municipal Council office. Attempts were also made to convey the importance of environmental conservation and protection to the citizens through various social media.

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