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Mahesh Rupanwar, Atma Technology Manager under the guidance of District Superintendent of Agriculture Dnyaneshwar Bote and Rajendra Sable Project Director, Atma Pune, recently imparted skill based 2 days training to farmers and farm laborers on the farm of President Award winning farmer Sandeep Ghole at Patas in Daund taluka.

Various experts provided guidance on planting, importance and future cost reduction of Superken Nursery at Patas in collaboration with Agricultural Technology Management System (Atma) of Daund Taluka Department of Agriculture, Baramati Krishi Vigyan Kendra and Farm Educan Research Foundation.

The farmers present at the event were given a demonstration of Superken Nursery on the field. Sandeep Ghole gave detailed guidance on site selection before preparation of Superken Nursery, method of preparation of mattress pads, length and width of pads, bane process, method of cutting sugarcane stalks, method of irrigation, method of basal dose before transplanting seedlings.

Farmer Sandeep Ghole also gave guidance on how to increase the production by reducing the production cost so that it is possible to produce 100 tons of sugarcane per acre. Santosh Karanje, a scientist from Baramati Krishi Vigyan Kendra, explained the technical aspects of Superken Nursery.

Tehsildar Sanjay Patil, Krishi Vigyan Kendra scientist Santosh Karanje, Taluka Agriculture Officer Jayshree Kadam, Atma’s Technology Manager Mahesh Rupanwar, Mauli Kapase, Krishi Sevak Monica Divekar and other sugarcane growers participated in the training program.

Daund Tehsildar Sanjay Patil also shared his experiences about sugarcane farming in this training program. Rajendra Thorat, Sugarcane Development Officer, Srinath Mhaskoba Factory also expressed his views.

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